26 April 2024

Duel did not even start due to rare incident

Match from the second most significance club tournament on the African continent was completely suspended just seconds before kick-off, and its cause is a rather unusual one nowadays.
Usually spectators are at fault for postponing a game, but this time it was something different. The Confederation Cup semi-final with the first 90 minutes between Union sportive de la Medina d'Alger and Renaissance sportive de Berkane that was scheduled for 21 April had been abandoned because of political incident. Yesterday the confederation has awarded the win to the visitors, second leg is yet to come on 28 of this month and for now everything suggest that it will still be staged...
This very unusual event have started last Friday morning when the Algerian custom officials on the airport have seized the jerseys of the guests where on it a map was drawn including the disputed Western Sahara provinces. Simply, all this was named as "the full map of Morocco", so Algeria officials have accused its neighbours of politicizing sports by giving support of the separatists who is trying to get independence in the referred desert. Renaissance sportive de Berkane was asked to change its jerseys for the mentioned game for which they refused, while during the whole competition the club was wearing the same shirts since its beginning without any problems occurred.


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