30 April 2024

Jail term for a man who made a total mess

On 11 November 2023 at the Bundesliga game between Augsburg and Hoffenheim there was an interruption because of a firecracker explosion which injured 12 people, and also among them was 5 children. Since then 4 men who supported the visiting club were arrested and thrown in custody.
At 22 April the Augsburg court has issued the verdict (which is not yet final): one of them, who is from Goppingen area, has received a punishment of 3 years behind bars. Many times the 28-year-old was apologizing to the wounded, and also paid a compensation to the victim who now suffers from tinnitus. His other 3 friends were convicted to suspended sentences.
The detonation was so strong that it was feared to have been a terrorist attack.


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