06 April 2024

Incidents and racist words punished

A total chaos has occurred after the match between Trabzonspor and Fenerbahche that was staged on 17 March at the Super lig of Turkiye. The home fans have stormed the terrain, fought with security officials and attacked the guests, and who some of the players have returned back. These incidents has prompt the disciplinary committee this Wednesday to award plenty of punishments.
Egemen Korkmaz, who is assistant trainer of Trabzonspor, cannot perform its function for one game. Six home duels have to play his club behind close doors, and also had to deliver 3 million Turkish Lira (86,717 euros) as fine. Visiting goalkeeper Irfan Can Egribayat and defender Jayden Oosterwolde have been suspended for one match and would receive less payment because of fighting, while their teammate Bright Osayi-Samuel that was seen to have excellent boxing skills and exchange blows with spectators was not even sanctioned.
"Gypsy" was named the coach of Sevilla Enrique Sanchez Flores who together with the defender Marcos Acuna was called "monkey" on plenty of occasions by the Getafe fans when this two clubs have met on 30 March. Because of this slurs, the Spanish LaLiga has ordered for the home club to close part of their arena in the next duel where at the empty stand have to show clearly a message against xenophobic behaviour. Also Getafe is relieved by 27,000 euros.


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