29 July 2017

Figures from Gold Cup

General information: Copa Oro or Gold Cup was the fourteenth edition that successfully ended two days ago. With 2 outstanding strikes the host nation, United States of America lifted title number 6, who is now short only a trophy from their great rivals Mexico (which has 7). In this competition we saw practically everything in 3 weeks: goals, shaking of the crossbars, high scores (at some point), one annulled game with even fantastic saves from close range and 11 meters.
Goals and draws: From the first match that ended 2:4, we knew that many goals will follow up right through the end. And that prediction came true: in total 55 goals were scored or 2.29 per match. All players had an incredible second half, who they scored 35 goals, unlike first 45 minutes when 20 times the ball got into the net. If we are talking by rounds, then first stage gave the most goals from all 3: 17 were scored in just 6 games, second had 12 and the last had one more - 13. First knockout phase (quarterfinals) produced 7 followed by 3 each in the semifinals and final games. Only one player has touched its own net, and it was an important match: first quarterfinal just 13 minutes from normal time.
At this thriving tournament only in the group stage we had only 3 draws. And all off them were scoreless. But because one game was void, officially we saw only 2 stalemates.
Surprise and disappointments: From the quarterfinals and up until the end, everyone thought (or some of us) that most teams will play cautiously in order to reach the title. Luckily (for the supporters and viewers) that was not the case. Surprisingly all matches finished in normal time i.e. we did not see a single additional time from the knockout phase.
In terms of goals, Curacao in its 3 matches did not touch the net at all. However, if we are talking about points - French Guiana, Nicaragua and above mentioned Curacao has failed to record points in the group phase i.e. have lost all 3 games.
Terrible shooters versus penalty giver: In 24 matches we saw only 4 penalties, but not all of them were converted. Most of them got the host nation (2), and both were saved by the same goalkeeper from a single game in a space of 13 minutes. One other penalty was given for Curacao, however that was also spectacularly saved. All 3 above players must learn from Darren Mattocks (Jamaica) who calmly scored a goal from 11 meters.
Filthy boys: Everything was calm and in fair play until the unlucky match number 13 for Ludovic Baal from French Guiana, who received a straight red card from the ‘blue’ Mexican referee. In this section he is accompanied with Luis Fernando Copete (Nicaragua) who received 2 yellow. This both 'incidents' happened in round 3 of the group stage.
Entertaining match(es): We can agree that all 24 were entertaining to watch. Maybe some will say the first game was better where we saw 6 goals from the start, but game number 16 had something special and differentiate from others with 1 red card, 2 fantastic penalty saves and 3 goals.


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