11 July 2017

Ridiculous fine

If you are evading tax authorities for a sum of 4.1 million euros, in that case you will probably get a hefty fine plus a jail sentence. However, if you are a well known sport star, all the above does not matter and you can elude all that.
That amount allegedly hid Lionel Messi together with his father Jorge, who last week find out the punishment from the Barcelona court. One of the best footballer in the world had to serve 21 months in prison and now that conditional sentence has been changed to 250.000 euros. His father have to pay 180.000 euros and originally the punishment was 15 months in jail.
For the Barcelona attacker this funny amount of money is meaningless, and Messi is earning that for three days in the club. In comparison, under the new deal the Argentine has a weekly salary of 570.00 euros.


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