01 July 2017

Gold Cup referees

After the Confederations Cup, another important tournament will entertain us for three weeks of spectacular football. Next weekend the 2017 Gold Cup will commence and for this fourteenth edition CONCACAF has appointed the following 'men in yellow':

Seventeen referees were called up from ten countries throughout the region: Roberto Garcia, Fernando Guerrero and Cesar Ramos (Mexico), Mark Geiger, Jair Marrufo and Armando Villarreal (United States of America), Melvin Matamoros, Oscar Moncada and Hector Rodriguez (Honduras), Henry Bejarano and Ricardo Montero (Costa Rica), Joel Aguilar (El Salvador), Drew Fischer (Canada), Walter Lopez (Guatemala), Yadel Martinez (Cuba), John Pitti (Panama), Kimbell Ward (Saint Kits and Nevis).

Also from 10 countries across the zone, these 25 assistant referees will be seen at the games: Jose Luis Camargo, Miguel Hernandez, Alberto Morin, Marcos Quintero and Marvin Torrentera (Mexico), Frank Anderson, Charles Morgante and Corey Rockwell (United States of America), Ronald Bruna, Gabriel Victoria and Daniel Williamson (Panama), Melvyn Cruz, Christian Ramirez and Jesus Tabora (Honduras), Geonvany Garcia, William Torres and Juan Francisco Zumba (El Salvador), Joseph Bertrand and Ainsley Rochard (Trinidad and Tobago), Carlos Fernandez and Juan Carlos Mora (Costa Rica), Hermenerito Leal and Gerson Lopez (Guatemala), Graeme Browne (Saint Kits and Nevis), Keytzel Corrales (Nicaragua).


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