03 July 2017

Starting of a new official tournament

From one exciting tournament we are jumping to the other in a space of 6 days. After very thrilling Confederations Cup from Russia, the football world will turn to another important tournament, this time in United States of America. From next weekend and into the next three weeks football lovers would turn its eyes towards Gold Cup.
Entering into its fourteenth edition at this competition gathers 4 countries each from central America and Caribbean region, 3 will participate from north America, while one country is the lucky winner from the play-off match. Among these 12 nations, one is a total 'rookie' at the event i.e. is competing for the first time in a major championship. And without fear, determined and full of self confidence, this debut state will have the honor to open the competition.

08 July, Saturday at 01.00 CET: French Guiana - Canada.
08 July, Saturday at 03.00 CET: Honduras - Costa Rica.
08 July, Saturday at 22.30 CET: United States of America - Panama.

09 July, Sunday at 01.00 CET: Martinique - Nicaragua.

10 July, Monday at 01.00 CET: Curacao - Jamaica.
10 July, Monday at 03.00 CET: Mexico - El Salvador.

From previous experience, please note that in all games some kick-off delays are possible up to 5-6 minutes.
Unfortunately the winner from this tournament will not have the right to participate at the next Confederations Cup. We have to wait for the 2019 Gold Cup champions to be known, and then in a one match play off will determine CONCACAF representative for Confederations Cup 2021 in Qatar. However, if the same team wins both Gold Cup events, then that team will automatically qualify and travel to the Arabian Gulf state.


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