03 July 2017

Numbers from Confederations Cup 2017

General information: Six regional champions from each continent plus the host together with the World Cup champion from 2014 contested the tenth edition of 2017 Confederations Cup. Europe gave most participants in the tournament - three (Portugal, Germany and Russia). In 3 weeks these 8 teams played 16 matches scoring unbelievably 42 goals or 2.625 per game. In the first half we saw 19 goals while second half produced the most - 23.
Goal by rounds: In the first and third round players were extremely effective with 13 goals each, whilst at the second round plus semifinals and final matches 8 goals were given (one goal was scored outside 90 minutes i.e. extra time).
Results: Most common result was 1:1 which appeared 4 times at the competition. We had only 1 game with unpopular score - 0:0. Highest victory in a match was 0:4, while number 5 is the most goals we saw in 90 minutes.
Penalties: Two referees awarded Portugal with most penalties than any other teams: 3 times. However, all of them were with mixed emotions: one of them was successfully converted in one game. On the other match there were 2 penalties for the team: one of them was saved while one was scored, which proved to be the winner for third place. There was also a fourth occasion where the Portuguese players were too shy to score even a goal from 11 metres: at the first semifinal game against Chile all three penalties were saved. Germany and Australia were also given penalties in 90 minutes.
Bad boys: In every official tournament bad boys are inevitable, but that is all part of the game. For filthy play 4 players received red cards. Among many players with yellow cards negligent were: Yuri Zhirkov (Russia), Nelson Semedo (Portugal) and Raul Jimenez (Mexico) who got second yellow. Ernest Mabouka (Cameroon) is the only who received a direct red.


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