24 December 2017

Another record falls from El Clasico

We all know what is the final result between the two Spanish giants. On the earlier (and rather unusual) time slot on Sunday afternoon, second goal for the visitors meant another record broke from the 237 El Clasico derby.
From 1965 to 1979, the great Gerd Muller in the Bayern Munich shirt scored 525 goals from 572 appearances. Today the pride from Argentina Lionel Messi celebrated his 526 goal from 608 matches for Barcelona, while he debuted in September 2004. These two players first have 'met' in 2012 where the legendary German with 81 goals scored was the best for more than 40 years. This sounded like a joke to the little wizard who gave 10 more (91) in one calendar year.
Scoring goals 'out of nothing' and knowing his abilities, the Catalan striker does not end here. The 30 year old next targets are: Josef Bican with 534 and the king of football (the unreachable) Pele who scored 643 goals for one club.


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