16 December 2017

Catastrophic numbers

Football has always been a sport playing for the fans. However, most players (and coaches nowadays) do not think that way and in their mind is only enough to give one goal for passing through to the next stage or win the title (with a boring play). From what we have seen in this last tournament of the year it has been disastrous.
Goals: In percentages barely two goals, from 16 in total, were given in 90 minutes on 8 matches at the fourteenth edition of the Club World Cup competition. Six were given in the first 45 minutes, while 10 was in continuation. It looks like classification duels were the most interesting to watch as highest number of goals was 5, which was scored on 2 such games. Three matches finished with a single goal. Three players scored two goals, while 12 got single ones. From those 15 names no one has been honored scoring 2 goals or hat-trick in one game.
Copy/paste matches and red cards: Maybe it was agreed before to play like that, but 2 duels were identical copies from one another as both of them went into additional time, and both of them experienced same thing only in reverse order. In those 30 plus minutes we had two yellows and a goal, which were the only red cards and goals in the extra time: in the first quarter and first semi final. Four nasty tackles (two each) from Brahim Nakach (Wydad Casablanca) and Victor Guzman (CF Pachuca) received marching orders for the dressing rooms.
Punishments plus technology: Penalties are inevitable in every duel. Two of them were awarded (which were scored later) by the referees, who had the easiest job at the competition. Thanks to the technology, the video assistant referee system had to decide for one penalty and canceling two goals due to offside.
Awards: If there were less goals in matches, players always have big a smile when receiving achievements for the competition (although they have done little in it). Thus, the Adidas Bronze ball received Jonathan Urretaviscaya (CF Pachuca), Silver went to Cristiano Ronaldo and Golden goes to Luka Modric (both from Real Madrid).


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