09 December 2017

Quickly was found new replacement out of nowhere

Almost unbelievable and very rare thing happened in a official football game last week at the Belgian Cup between Mechelen and Genk. The ending result was not that important as it was the real situation on the pitch.
Its unlikely to think that two referees will be injured during the match. Exactly that occurred last Wednesday night where everyone in the stadium experienced a shortage of only one 'man in yellow'.
When main referee Christof Dierick was heavily injured, then the fourth official Nicolas Laforge replaced him. But when the linesman was also injured during the game, in that case all you have to do is ask for help: from the fans. When the speaker had plea for an experienced referee, luckily in the stands there was an retired official who saved the night. Thus Luc Bosmans was promoted by taking the role as linesman.
Although his Mechelen team did not progress through to the next stage, the 40 year old spectator professionally did his job until the end.


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