22 December 2017

Deducted World Cup points

All World Cup qualifying matches for the next big event in football in 2018 are over past month, but suddenly has become actual again. Last Tuesday, from two regions, the world football association annulled 8 duels from just 2 teams. Both of them are guilty of fielding players which did not has the right to participate in the games.
Alarm in one game in Africa caused Nigeria where is accused because of Shehu Abdullahi, who played against Algeria in last leg. He was earlier suspended with two yellow cards, and due to the omission this duel is registered 3:0 for Algeria, although it finished 1:1 in 90 minutes. With this new situation, it does not change anything as Nigeria remained the leader, dominating group B. Also the team has been handed a financial fine of 6.000 Swiss francs (5.135 euros).
However, worst case of subtraction comes from the Asian continent. Due to 9 Brazilian players, which did not get citizenship (on time), Timor-Leste has been heavily penalized with 70.000 Swiss francs (59.906 euros). On top of that, their opponents are now 3:0 victorious in 7 games without a play: from the first round Mongolia is now the actual winner, but with this extremely late decision they did not go through to second stage. Because the guilty side won both games from previous phase, on the second they are additionally punished for 5 more duels: Malaysia (home and away), United Arab Emirates (home), Saudi Arabia (away) and Palestine (home game) from group A.
With this, final figures and overall statistics of all World Cup qualifying games are changed as well.


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