16 December 2017

Hosts for multi-EURO project

Almost six years ago the European football association, under its old president, came to this silly idea to organize its football championship in different locations throughout the continent. The sixteenth edition of EURO 2020 will be held in 12 countries, and last Thursday UEFA has decided which are going to be the cities for this event. Earlier the organization wanted 13 nations to be hosts for the event, but after a 'great consideration' one country was thrown out.
For each of the six groups there will be two host venues: A is going to be the home in Rome (Italy) and Baku (Azerbaijan), B is divided between Saint Petersburg (Russia) and Copenhagen (Denmark), C will be played in Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Bucharest (Romania), cities for D are London (England) and Glasgow (Scotland), hosts for E are Bilbao (Spain) and Dublin (Republic of Ireland), while F will be welcomed in Munich (Germany) and Budapest (Hungary).
Every host country is guaranteed to have minimum two games in the group stages. Opening match will be 12 June in Olimpico stadium at the Apennine peninsula, whilst one month later the English capital, who will also host most (seven) games in the whole competition, has been chosen to finish these 'nightmare of voyages' for all teams.


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