05 December 2017

Latest player on tax evasion list

Lying to state authorities nowadays has become a bad habit and one of the dirtiest business overall. To this endless list has joined one of the best midfielders.
Together with his wife and agent at the same moment Vanja, the Real Madrid player Luka Modric are accused of not donating money to the state. Last Wednesday, the Spanish state prosecution office indict the Croatian couple for not giving 870.728 euros tax money. The prosecution believes that this amount may be higher and that the footballer has opened an separate account on island Man, placed between Republic of Ireland and Great Britain.
They did not pay whole tax from 2013 and 2014. Income from advertisements and sponsorship deals the player received in Luxembourg, where the couple opened Ivano S.A.R.L. a company named after their son, said the prosecutors.


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