02 October 2018

If only politics would disappear forever...

This week European club football is in action with its second round of matches. In the most interesting competition one of the best player can not help his team due to a single stupid thing (which he is not to blame).
Probably the best Arsenal footballer Henrikh Mkhitaryan definitely is going to miss its play with Qarabag because of...politics. The Armenian midfielder can not travel to Azerbaijan due to the bad relations of the two countries. Dispute over a region, which is still ongoing, is the main problem between these neighbors. There is a special rule where can be applied for a specific permit, but the 29-year-old has decided not to do that (application, wasting time...).
Now, nor UEFA nor FIFA can not (or do not want to) intervene in this 'case' in such a short time. But, the biggest problem could arrive much later if the English club will come to the last game in Europa league where the Azerbaijani capital (Baku) is hosting the final duel. If that scenario really happens who knows how things will run at the end of May.


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