06 October 2018

Stadium for sale

One of the famous arena in the world Wembley stadium might be sold next week. The buyer is Pakistani-American businessman Shahid Khan, who offered 600 million pounds (little more than 672 million euros). For this to happen, the 68-year-old billionaire needs to have the majority of votes before the (football association, mayor...) council on Thursday. On 27 September the board gave green light for the sale and if the deal would be accepted, than the money will be used on investing and creating new facilities. The entrepreneur possess two teams in couple of sports: this definitely can not be the new home of Fulham football club, but for his rugby side (Jacksonville Jaguars) has plans to play in this great arena.
Insofar there is a new owner, the stadium can still be rented for various sports and leisure activities.


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