02 October 2018

Revenue expectations of Spanish champions

In the last Friday of September the current champions of Spain have released some staggering assumptions.
This season the leaders of Barcelona are expecting to have a record of 960 million euros income, while in three years time (2021) the club is hoping to surpass the number of one billion. Expenses would be 929 million euros and, after all taxes will be paid, in the cash box should remain 11 million euros of pure earnings. In comparison with 2017-18 the club had income of 914 million euros, expenditures were 882 million, 32 million euros was operating profit, and 13 million are left as revenue after taxes.
It is also suggested that the crest will be changed due to 'adaptation of modern times'. For the second time, after 1899, the acronym 'FCB' (or 'CFB' earlier) will be wiped out. Other modifications are that the ball is a little bit bigger in the middle, and the red-blue lines are less and expanded. If this re-design is accepted by the board members on 20 October, than the blazon is going to be the eleventh change in history. It is also expected that it will pass without any problems, and if that indeed happens, the new crest will be applied in media from next (2019-20) season.


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