31 October 2018

Unfair distribution of rewarding two champions

At last Friday of this month the European football organization announced that it gave away 1.8 billion euros for its both tournaments in 2017-18 season.
In a not so attractive event (in general), 1.4 billion euros has been divided in the Champions league. Winner of the competition Real Madrid collected 88.6 million euros. On top of that, this team also earned 55.2 million on the achieved results throughout the whole season, plus 33.4 million euros in market share (sponsors and television). Number two team is Roma with 83 million, while Liverpool completes top three receiving 81 million euros. Followers are: Juventus in fourth place which got 80 million, Bayern Munich 70 million euros...When it comes to the market share part, Italian clubs had biggest earnings: Juventus received 48 million euros, whilst Roma were happy with 45 million.
At an always interesting tournament (in general), all 48 Europa league teams received only 428 million euros. Champions Atletico Madrid is discriminated here, taking just 16 million euros, and with this number is in fourth spot. One place higher is Lazio with one million more (17 million euros), Olympique Marseille got 22.9 million, while in position number one with 37.7 million euros is Arsenal. Everton is fifth who earned 14.1 million euros, 13.9 million are for Milan, Atalanta has been rewarded 12.2 million euros...


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