27 October 2018

Troubling midfielders

Last week couple of world known footballers found out their punishments (one of them), after both have caused troubles at various parts in Europe.
Arda Turan and Turkish pop singer Berkay Sahin (mostly known as Berkay) were in a quarrel on an incident which happened two weeks ago at one nightclub in Istanbul. The 31-year-old broke the nose of the musician and with weapon threatened him in the hospital. Twelve days ago Turkish prosecution announced that they want 12.5 years jail sentence for the midfielder, who can be also charged for illegal weapon possessing, deliberate causing injury and alleged sexual harassment of wife of the singer. The 36-year-old artist is facing 2 years in prison for insulting the player.
The other is a financial fine for the Vidal family for the case on 16 September 2017 in one local at Octoberfest. Most famous of that family, Arturo Vidal threw vodka bottle towards a guest and cut up his head. Thus, last Thursday the Munich court has decided that the Chilean midfielder have to pay 800.000 euros. His father have to say goodbye to 36.000 euros, while younger brother Sandrino is charged with 18.000 euros, who were also present at the incident.


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