19 March 2019

Destroying a really great event

Six regional club champions plus the host: in short this is the line-up for the Club World Cup. However, from now on money comes first instead of good football and all for the reason of why this tournament is (slowly) going to be completely wiped out.
From the beginning of the year the FIFA advisor Zvonimir Boban has announced that from 2021 this competition will be played every four years and with 24 clubs. Last Friday the president just confirmed what was said two months ago: that the Club World Cup is 'only' going to change its format. The expansion of this tournament is very 'original' explained by the adviser in January: an idea is to have 12 clubs from Europe, while the rest will be from other continents. But even if this whole thing is (somehow) Europeanized, the clubs from the old continent (European Club Association) are not satisfied and annunciate a boycott to the event.


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