25 March 2019

Summer of extraordinary football events

In three months time we will watch watch two regional football championships which are going to be played on two separate continents. And yesterday finished all qualifiers for the following events:

Edition number 32 of the African Nations Cup is going to start from 21 June until 19 July. Only the new host was guaranteed the place at the tournament, while the rest 23 teams played a long eliminatory duels where, at the end, we are going to see 3 debutants: Madagascar, Mauritania and Burundi, who will be joined together with Senegal, Morocco, Cameroon, Mali, Algeria, Benin, Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Democratic Republic of Congo, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Angola, Tunisia, Egypt, Guinea-Bissau, Namibia, Uganda and Tanzania.

Switching continents now to North, Central America and Caribbean. Forty one teams from the region tortured themselves to get to the top 10 of the joint Nations league with only one main price in mind: participation at another exciting competition of the confederation - the Gold Cup. The fifteenth edition which is starting from 15 June, will coincide with the above mentioned tournament, however the duels would not overlap themselves (due to the big time difference between the two continents). The 2019 event is going to have even 3 hosts, couple of them are known, and these teams will participate: Haiti, Canada, Martinique, Curacao, Cuba, Jamaica, Nicaragua, El Salvador. To this list are added two newcomers: Bermuda and Guyana. And to complete the line-up, six teams who qualified directly for the championship are: Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Honduras, United States of America together with Trinidad and Tobago.


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