16 March 2019

Last eight pairs

In total we have 8 duels which are equally divided on two competitions or in other words we have reached the quarter final stage. And to find out who is playing who, the European football organization today conducted the draw whose games are going to be played next month. Starting from quarterfinal phase all games will kick-off at the same time, and with this UEFA concludes the draws for 2018-19 season for these two events.

For the first time at the knockout phase all duels for the Champions league are going to be played on the same month. Quarterfinal matches for the first 90 minutes are 09 and 10 April, whilst 7 nights later are the return legs. The schedule for last 8 looks like this:

1. Ajax - Juventus.
2. Liverpool - Porto.
3. Tottenham - Manchester City.
4. Barcelona - Manchester United (later in the day, this duel was inverted).

30 April and 01 May are first the dates for the first semifinal games, while 07 and 08 May are the second duels. The line-up is the following:

Winner of quarterfinal 3 is going to play against the winner of quarterfinal 1.
Victory team from quarterfinal 4 will play against the victory team from quarterfinal 2.

On Saturday, 01 June the Spanish capital will stage the last game of this event. The 'home' club in Madrid is going to be the first semifinal pair who is going to play against the second semifinal pair on Wanda Metropolitano stadium.

After the really exciting drama until late last night, on Friday afternoon we had to learn who are the quarterfinal pairs for the second and most enjoyable event to watch. Unlike the previous tournament, only two nights are reserved for Europa league games: quarterfinals are going to be played on 11 and 18 April with the following schedule:

1. Napoli - Arsenal (later in the day, this pair was reversed).
2. Villarreal - Valencia.
3. Benfica - Eintracht Frankfurt.
4. Slavia Prague - Chelsea.

On 02 and 09 May are the dates for semifinals, and the line up looks like this:

Victory club of quarterfinal 1 will play against victory team of quarterfinal 2.
Quarterfinal winner 3 is going to play against quarterfinal winner 4.

On the last Wednesday in May this competition will have a new winner. Semifinal duel number 2 is going to be written as 'hosts' who is going to play against the winning club of semifinal 1 match in Baku (Azerbaijan).


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