05 October 2020

Confederation number three that commences its path towards World Cup 2022

After Asia and Africa, continent number three is beginning its (long) journey for the World Cup 2022. Matches from the first 2 confederations are currently postponed (due to the well known health situation), but 10 duels at one of the most interesting region have a green light to start and this month we will see two rounds.

Each 10 teams in South America have to play twice with each other, and that is why we are having 18 rounds which are scheduled to finish (with the new calendar prepared) at March 2022. Next weekend we are going to be familiar with the first 5 qualifying games.

Friday, 09 October at 00.30 CET: Paraguay - Peru.

Friday, 09 October at 00.45 CET: Uruguay - Chile.

Friday, 09 October at 02.10 CET: Argentina - Ecuador.

Saturday, 10 October at 01.30 CET: Colombia - Venezuela.

Saturday, 10 October at 02.30 CET: Brazil - Bolivia.


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