03 October 2020

Penultimate things are now known

We are nine months away from the biggest competition in the North, Central American and the Caribbean continent where at the beginning of the week all games and groups were revealed.
The Gold Cup number 16 is going to commence earlier next year, and first to entertain us are the six elimination matches from the first round, followed by another three in the second. Line up for the total nine, looks like this:

Preliminary round 1:
Duel 1: Haiti - Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.
Duel 2: Guatemala - Guyana.
Duel 3: Trinidad and Tobago - Montserrat.
Duel 4: Cuba - French Guiana.
Duel 5: Guadeloupe - Bahamas.
Duel 6: Bermuda - Barbados.

Preliminary round 2:
Pair A: winner of duel 1 - winner of duel 6.
Pair B: winner of duel 2 - winner of duel 5.
Pair C: winner of duel 3 - winner of duel 4.

On the main tournament it is known before that we will have four groups, and the final result is the following:

Group A: Mexico, El Salvador, Curacao, winning team of pair C.
Group B: United States of America, Canada, Martinique, winning team of pair A.
Group C: Costa Rica, Jamaica, Suriname, winning team of pair B.
Group D: Honduras, Panama, Grenada, Qatar.

Further more, the schedule for the knockout stages are going to be played in an altered format.

Quarterfinal 1: victory team of group D - second place team in group A.
Quarterfinal 2: victory team of group A - second place team in group D.
Quarterfinal 3: victory team of group C - second place team in group B.
Quarterfinal 4: victory team of group B - second place team in group C.

Semifinal 1: victory team of quarterfinal 1 - victory team of quarterfinal 4.
Semifinal 2: victory team of quarterfinal 2 - victory team of quarterfinal 3.

Now only one question remains: which stadia are going to host this tournament and the kick off times, thus the show can start in a little bit extended version from 02 July until 01 August 2021.


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