17 October 2020

Various news from two opposing clubs

Last week couple of fierce rivals, which their derby is the most famous in the world (and where next Saturday will be their first clash of this season), have released different statements: one is concerning the future international club tournament while the other is a news from natural case that began seven months ago.
Past Tuesday the European football association have announced that Real Madrid will not play their group games of the Champions league (which is starting next week) on its well-known stadium. Due to the renovation of Santiago Bernabeu the three home duels are going to be shifted to the reserve (arena) estadio Alfredo di Stefano. No matter of the low capacity of 6.000 seats, at the moment fans cannot attend matched in the competition, so this was the perfect time that the major stadium is redeveloped. In the meantime, if spectators can be allowed to be present. the club said that they will return at the new renewed venue from the knockout stage, but only if the health situation is improved.
And speaking of that health situation, like any other club in the globe, Barcelona too have lost plenty of finances. On 05 October have released a detailed report that from planned 1.058 billion euros the income has ended with 855 million, which is 203 million euros less at the financial 2019-20 year. Including taxes, the team have lost a total amount of enormous 97 million euros. Main cause for this loss lies on the epidemic. For 2020-21 the club is expecting revenues of 791 million, of course if the mentioned thing will disappear forever, so that tourism and slowly returning fans on the stadium can somewhat improve the situation.


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