08 October 2020

Fans are slowly returning where they belong

After the successful Super Cup, the European football association considers that time has come to bring back spectators where they belong: in stadia. But because each country has different view of allowing people in sport manifestations inside arenas, the entry will depend on that. Up to 30 percent of each stadium can be filled, plus visiting fans (so far) are going to be banned for entering, it was decided on the first day of this month. If the above number is not allowed in some nations throughout the continent, where local governments have set lower limits of people coming in on stadia, in that case this will be rejected...however, there is one small catch.
On 08 October Belgium and Ivory coast is going to play a friendly game, thus the home team has requested to play before 11.000 spectators on a 50.093 seat stadium (King Baudouin sports complex). Because this duel have no special meaning, the association had denied that saying it was way too soon to be staged in front of people. As it stands, only competitive matches are privileged to have witnesses on arenas and first to do that is the Nations league, followed by (probably) the European Cups (leagues) competitions.


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