23 September 2018

Bribery on African continent

It looks like taking money under the table is so sweet, but after that those precious papers are getting bitter all the way.
Firstly, it began at the beginning of the month where Salisu Yusuf is accused of receiving 357.000 nairas (854.141 euros). On 05 September was reported that the Nigerian coach took the money from 'football agents', who in return wanted to select players for the 2018 African nations championship. And to be more worse, those football agents were none other than...investigative journalists which recorded the whole case. Now, the unfortunate trainer is removed 'and will be forgotten' from the sport for at least one year.
And this Monday came totally different story. General secretary of the referees association of Ghana Joseph Ayita Mensah said that 61 football officials are in extreme danger on loosing their licences. After the conducted investigation, 8 of those referees are already banned for life, while the rest (53) are still waiting the final decision, whose outcome is not bright: could face up to 10 years off the pitch. To these numbers we add that 14 other 'men in black' were cleared from charges.
For the end, and on unrelated story of the above two, we left one larceny case. The ex Benin football federation president Anjorin Moucharafou was caught on 04 September by police how he is stealing sports equipment.


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