05 September 2018

The mutiny did not help

This is the (football) story of two brothers and a mother based on true events.
Two weeks ago, the little brother (Real Madrid) sued the older brother (Inter), as the older one wanted to grab the best World Cup player from the little one. In other words: the Italian team desperately wanted to bring Luka Modric to play in Serie A, but the transfer did not occur. If the club was found guilty, there was even a possibility to forbid Inter registering and signing new players on two transfer windows. However, according to the rules, it is allowed to talk to the footballer six months before the contract is expiring and, although they knew that, the Spanish club immediately got angry and accused the older brother, from which at the end had to interfere their mother (FIFA). After the weekend was over, on Monday (at the start of new school year) the grown up have thought carefully about this and spoke the final decision: an accusation of Real Madrid against Inter is rejected.
Case closed. But are these two brothers going to make a truce between each other and talk again, only time will tell.


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