30 September 2018

Details revealed of both American regional championships

At the busiest 2019 we will find out even 4 continental champions on a national level. Only 5 days in the new year is going to start the first tournament, while the other 3 will begin in the summer. One of them is the prestigious Gold Cup event, and the other is Copa America (by the way, the third mysterious is Africa Cup of Nations).
Edition number 15 of the CONCACAF Gold Cup is going to be played for the first time throughout the region: some duels are going to be staged in Central America and Caribbean (details of host countries is going to be announced later), whilst majority of them will be played in United States of America (in 14 cities and 15 venues). The event is going to be active from 18 June until 07 July, and also for the first time 16 teams will participate (an increase from 12): 6 are already known, and the rest will come from the debut competition CONCACAF Nations league. This Thursday from the confederation is announced that the last game is going to be played at Soldier Field. For the stadium in Chicago it will be the third time to host the final (after 2007 and 2013), while 6 times this pitch is appearing on Gold Cup events (which is a new record).
At the south neighboring continent, next year the oldest competition will be played (out from the whole 6 confederations): Copa America is going to appear for the forty-sixth time in Brazil. Unfortunately, this edition will be mixed with the above tournament: is going to entertain us from 14 June, and will end on 07 July. In here 12 teams is going to participate: all 10 from South America plus 2 from Asia, whilst for the first time one Arab nation is going to play (that is the next World Cup host - Qatar, who will be joined by Japan). From earlier we know that 5 cities is going to have the honor to host the best teams: Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and Sao Paulo. Last Monday CONMEBOL have revealed that Morumbi stadium (Sao Paulo) will open the event, semi finals are assigned to Arena do Gremio (Porto Alegre) and Mineirao stadium (Belo Horizonte), while the famous Maracana venue (Rio de Janeiro) is going to close Copa America 2019. It is also been decided that this will be the last competition in odd years, so next is going to be held at 2024 in Ecuador (still waiting this news to be confirmed by FIFA).


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