10 September 2018

Seven duels to complete round one

The only other tournament under the same name is going to finish in North America with its first round of matches. These 14 teams are going to introduce us for the very first time, and games are going to be played mostly in the morning.

10 September, Monday at 00.00 CET: Aruba - Bermuda.
10 September, Monday at 02.00 CET: Jamaica - Cayman Islands.
10 September, Monday at 02.00 CET: Saint Kitts and Nevis - Puerto Rico.

11 September, Tuesday at 00.30 CET: Haiti - Sint Marteen.
11 September, Tuesday at 02.00 CET: Curacao - Grenada.
11 September, Tuesday at 22.00 CET: Saint Martin - Gudeloupe.

12 September, Wednesday at 02.00 CET: Martinique - British Virgin Islands.


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