24 September 2018

Politics plays a big role to determine EURO 2024 host country

Whoever thinks that politics and football (or sport in general) do not go together hand by hand, then he / she is lying to himself / herself.
It looks like that the hospitality of the European championship in 2024 is already known in advance. Out of the two nominees, one is on a bad word, just 4 days before the final decision. After the complicated EURO event in two year time, UEFA has to decide (next Thursday) which country will host the seventeenth edition in 2024. This Friday the organization has expressed 'deep concerns' about human rights in Turkey. One of the biggest country in Europe, who spreads on two continents, for the first time wants to organize something big in this sport (who nevertheless deserves that). However, the confederation is worried about the 'repressive regime' of the current president of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
That leaves the only other candidate, Germany, to win the rights. Its officials are also using the political questions in Turkey as main point in the campaign, who barely waited to mention how their players have been photographed with the president of the other country in political purposes...


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