08 February 2019

Fighting against extradition

At 2012 Hakeem al-Araibi, was arrested and later tortured, allegedly for his brother who was actively in politics during the Arab spring 2011. Two years later he fled the country whilst was accused of demolishing a police station, the authorities sentenced the absent footballer to 10 years in prison, while the 25-year-old rejected all that by saying that he was participated in a football game which was shown live on television. After hearing that sentence, he went to Australia who gave him political asylum 2017 as a refugee. On 27 November 2018 the footballer was arrested in Bangkok which together with his wife arrived for their honeymoon. It is reported that the Thailand authorities have acted on a 'Red Notice' from Interpol issued from Bahrain. Now, for the former player of the Bahrain national team, every football institution and human rights organizations are trying to help the defender which may be returned to his native born country (Bahrain). This Monday the judge denied him bail and will stay in Thailand prison until 22 April, when the trial date is going to be confirmed. Yesterday the Australian football organization gave 10.000 dollars (6.271 euros) for his immediate release.


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