03 February 2019

Plenty of numbers from the Asian Cup 2019

Unfortunately, the exciting edition number 17 from the Asian football championship is behind us. Apart from the scandal by the hosts on the very last day of the event, with its outstanding performance throughout the whole tournament Qatar deservedly lifted the first ever major trophy achieved in this sport. Now after all is over, it is time to look back at the statistics of this great competition.
- History will be remembered: Everybody knows by now that the title winners have an outstanding striker: Al Moaaz Ali Abdullah who scored most goals than any other player in these Asian Cup finals. The record came at the final match with an absolute beauty when the 22-year-old scored his ninth goal from just 7 games. After 609 minutes of play, the Qatar number 1 Saad al Sheeb saw the ball behind him for the first time, while the team finish with an impressive goal-difference of 19:1 in just under one month.
- Results: Four plays ended with the unpopular result (0:0), and 2 of them are finished in the third round. Apart from the knockout phase, only the second round did not had a single draw. In normal time there were 7 stalemates achieved plus 2 after 120 minutes.
- Goals and balls into its own net: In 90 minutes (plus stoppage time), from 51 duels is scored 128 goals, or 2.51 per match. However, if we add 2 more which were given in additional minutes, then from 130 goals 2.55 was scored per game. Players were in the mood to score more goals in the second half - 67, while in first 45 minutes 61 entered the list. At round number 2 in the group phase (12 games), the winning teams left their opponents without scoring a single goal. Same thing happened in the quarterfinal games (4 matches) and semifinal (2 duels). There were 3 own goals scored at the event and all those were given in the first round.
- Extra time, additional minutes with goals and lottery: Starting from the knockout round, to decide the winner of the match, 30 more minutes had to be played. Only 2 duels were played and both were in the last 16. In those consecutive games 2 goals were scored, both of them in the first 15 minutes: one of them was given from 11-metre punishment, while the other was scored on the stoppage time of the first extra. Also at the first knockout phase (last 16), 2 winners was decided after penalty shoot outs.
- Punishments and incredible saves: The 'men in black' were in the mood to give even 15 penalties. Most of them had been awarded to Japan - 4: 1 was in the second round, while in the knockout rounds the finalists scored 3 more punishments. Two penalties each, were given to United Arab Emirates and India. But, not all were converted: there was 2 fantastic saves by the goalkeepers.
- Bad boys: Like it or not, from all these matches there had to be a red card. In total we saw 5 red cards: 3 players were sent off for 2 yellow, whilst 2 footballers saw a direct red for very ugly challenges.
- Spectators: Nowadays the media plays a main role for those unlucky fans who can not travel around the world (in this case to United Arab Emirates). Together with television and social platforms, this event has attracted 836.6 million viewers glued to the devices.


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