24 February 2019

Quadruple hospitality

Being host to only one country at any official competition, then things are going to be easy to access on every field. The problem comes if the same event are staging in couple of nations, and now we will go even further than that.
If we want more complications, then why from 2 is not possible for 4 countries to be hosts for the World Cup? At the end of July 2017 Argentina and Uruguay have expressed their desire to welcome the 48 (number is based on expansion rumor, 32 are current) best teams on the planet. One month later Paraguay joined this duo, while last Friday Chile has announced that is also interested to enter hospitality at the worldwide watchable event in 11 years time from now. This decision was confirmed on social media by the president of the country Sebastian Pinera. In 2030 the South American continent hopes that after 100 years the World Cup will return back home where it all began.


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