20 November 2020

Accepted new dates for resuming football events

Because of the well-known health problem around the world, elimination games that were scheduled for 2020 on a team and one from the club level were forced to be rescheduled and had to find next new available dates.
As December 2022 is (rapidly) approaching, it is very difficult to find affordable space due to the tight schedule, but at the end everything was accepted. This is the year when the first ever winter World Cup will be staged in Qatar, and on 11 November the Asian region has revealed when qualifying will resume. From the second phase it was remained to be played four more rounds, or divided by two each one are going to be held in March and June 2021. Last and phase number three from the same competition will begin in September. And to go (little bit) further beyond the inter-continental play offs should all be completed until May and June 2022. However, there is one trick: instead of two, only one match is going to decide the traveler for the finals.
Because these are also counting as elimination duels for the Asian Cup event at 2023 as well, it was determined that final stage (round three) with all 10 rounds have to be finished as far as March 2022.
Staying on the same continent and country, this Tuesday it was decided that the Club World Cup which was scheduled to be staged in December 2020 will be played from 01 until 11 February next year. Under the current situation it is impossible to schedule this event in 2020 knowing that three representatives are known (Europe and Oceania plus the host club Al-Duhail), while the other four are missing (Champions league winners from Africa, Asia, North America and the Caribbean together with South America).
In conclusion this only means that the plans for the expanded Club World Cup in June and July 2021 has been brought down. Three official tournaments (two of them have been moved for 2021: European championship and Copa America) plus the Gold Cup next year has prevented this (stupid) idea to make it happen.


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