01 November 2020

Not enough luck with presidents

On 27 October Josep Maria Bartomeu decided to leave the presidential post at Barcelona together with the entire board in the club. This was a surprise move from him, who said that he will stay and fight until the end. Although the 57-year-old entrepreneur would not have survived the new elections, the main reason of the early departure was the letter from the Catalan government who allowed to stage a referendum about his confidence on 01 and 02 November. Until the election are maintained on the presidential place will seat Carles Tusquets.
From last five chairmen at the club: four of them have left their posts prematurely, which means that only Joan Laporta completed his term until the very end.
And today came an (unbelievable) news spoken from the Catalan RAC1 radio who revealed that as far as 05 November the club has to cut wages in the sum of 190 million euros. If new negotiations with the players are going to fail, then Barcelona is going to declare bankruptcy in January 2021.


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