10 November 2020

Whatever you are doing, do not be late

At 11 October Serbia played with Hungary in the third round of the Nations league tournament, and on that match happened one unusual delay which, of course, was the reason for punishment (in a funny way).

Because the European football association determined that he was responsible for the whole thing, the home manager Ljubisa Tumbakovic is penalized as he brought the team (very) late to the game. Therefore the 68-year-old manager is suspended for one game, but nevertheless of that, was still allowed to lead his team from the bench against Scotland (at the final qualifying duel for the European championship 2021 this Thursday). However, he will be off-duty against the same rival (Hungary) on Sunday from the same competition, plus had to pay 5.000 euros for the postponement that he caused. Instead at 20.45, the game kicked off on 20.46 CET thus on 02 November the Serbian football association also had to deliver 20.000 euros fine.

The above mentioned match together with Northern Ireland - Austria were the only one who began at the same time that night.


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