08 November 2020

Farewell to betting companies as team sponsors

Because they have a really bad influence on young population, from next year betting companies will no longer be supporters of LaLiga clubs. For those who are already sponsors the teams have time until the end of the season to terminate the contract. Last Wednesday the Spanish government have sent a letter to each first division clubs asking them to cancel the deal with gambling firms as the state is preparing a new law which soon has to be approved by the parliament. Transitional period with the new rule is going to last as far as May 2021. After that it will be forbidden to advertise on betting activities where currently 7 teams out of 20 have deals with these companies.
In the past four years study showed that people between 18 and 25 years are drastically into betting and rose this bad habit from 29 to 40 percent in the country, while money spent for the same period is also increased by 13 percent.


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