07 November 2020

Plans to complete Champions league

In all confederations there is a problem of how to resume the international club tournaments because of the well known health situation. Some are already underway, whilst at the beginning of the week one more continent has determined to re-start this already difficult season (for everyone).
Plans have been revealed for the continuation of the North American Scotiabank Concacaf Champions league, who has to resume playing and complete the whole thing until the end of the year. Everything was forcefully stopped in March, while next month have been designated to finish this event in the completely new format. From 15 as far as 22 December it will be played one match only, from quarter finals and onwards. At the quarterfinal phase three pairs had their first leg, and the fourth did not even began, which now means that all four are going to have the last 90 minutes. In case of a draw (in each of the three stages) the winner will be determined directly with penalty shoot-outs. 
These seven duels of the closing 2020 edition are going to be staged in United States of America in a city yet to be announced.


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