28 November 2020

President removed from office for a long, long...long time

It looks like football does not have any luck with presidents. Nicolas Leoz, Austin (or for wide public Jack) Warner, Michel Platini, Sepp Blatter, or in short the first 3 were bosses of their own confederations (South American, North American and the Caribbean plus the European), while the last one led the world football association and all these names were removed from this sport. To refresh this list is added the current president of the African confederation Ahmad Ahmad.
It became very suspicious, because he was locked up in the French capital Paris at 2019, while this Monday it was only confirmed, by the world football affiliation, that the 60-year-old from Madagascar can not resume his leadership in the next five years plus had to deliver 200.000 Swiss francs (185.099 euros) financial fine. And the accusations are very serious: bribery, corruption and malversation with funds to his gain. Expelled from the sport, this is definitely a huge blow for him as was planning to run and win for a new term in March 2021. Until then the whole thing will take in the Court of arbitration for sport and trying at least to prove his innocence (like the above four).


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