09 November 2020

Eight teams are vying for four remaining, final spots

For the last time in 2020 (and apart of the local championships) we are continuing with the official football matches, but now on schedule comes the international action which commences in the second part of next week. Because of the well known health situation in the world, two continents have a green light to play before empty stadia, and all those games will be qualifiers who are destined for three different tournaments.
Elimination duels for the (formal version) European championship 2020 (or 2021) has come down to the last four pairs. Since this are going to be played on a single game only, the following eight teams will have a fierce battle just to get onto the major finals next summer. Considering that it is the qualifying finish and that no one wants to attack in this delicate moment, it is more then expected that the last four play-off games (not each one of them) will likely to be decided by lotteries or not to say we have to watch dull football for 120 minutes (like we had exactly one month ago in the previous, semifinal stage).

12 November, Thursday at 18.00 CET: Georgia - North Macedonia.

12 November, Thursday at 20.45 CET: Serbia - Scotland.
12 November, Thursday at 20.45 CET: Northern Ireland - Slovakia.
12 November, Thursday at 20.45 CET: Hungary - Iceland.


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