09 November 2020

Ongoing efficacy expected to smoothly continue

If the predecessor has qualifying end, this one have the elimination beginning. At the first two rounds of the South American qualifiers for the World Cup 2022 the following 10 teams showed that are capable of giving us plenty of excitement, and the result was very promising: from the first 10 duels not one single was scoreless so each one of us is wishing the effectiveness to continue in the same manner from this confederation. Stage three is going to be played over two nights / mornings.

12 November, Thursday at 21.00 CET: Bolivia - Ecuador.

13 November, Friday at 01.00 CET: Argentina - Paraguay.

13 November, Friday at 21.30 CET: Colombia - Uruguay.

14 November, Saturday at 00.00 CET: Chile - Peru.

14 November, Saturday at 01.30 CET: Brazil - Venezuela.


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