25 June 2021

Accomplished first ever solo draw for next Asian Cup event

Until last Tuesday these qualifiers have counted as joint, together with the World Cup 2022. However from now on, elimination games for the Asian Cup 2023 is going separate way and will start on its own, where today in Malaysia was conducted the first ever draw that appears as an alone competition.
Before the third (and final) round a play off phase have to be played, and four teams that finished in fifth place and had worst overall results in their groups (jointly with the mutual above mentioned tournament) has come out from the bowls. Only two pairs were formed with the following outcome:

Guam - Cambodia.
Indonesia - Chinese Taipei.

Matches are going to count over two legs: 07 September with the first 90 minutes, while everything will be decided on 12 October, and the overall winners are going to have another chance and compete in the last stage.


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