07 June 2021

One month of football holiday with watching two championships simultaneously

This summer three continental tournaments are going to commence in various parts of the world, and from next weekend are the first 2 postponed competitions. Each of the two had to start last year, but because of the well known health situation were moved to 2021. Going hand in hand, both of them are going to begin in a space of (only) two nights.

First in order is the European championship where from the opening of the event seven duels are going to be played. The most complicated competition up to date is staging in 11 nations throughout the whole confederation and because there are various time zones, mainly we will be used to three fixed kick offs in a space of three hours (just for the first two games in the groups).

11 June, Friday at 21.00 CET: Turkey - Italy.

12 June, Saturday at 15.00 CET: Wales - Switzerland.
12 June, Saturday at 18.00 CET: Denmark - Finland.
12 June, Saturday at 21.00 CET: Belgium - Russia.

13 June, Sunday at 15.00 CET: England - Croatia.
13 June, Sunday at 18.00 CET: Austria - North Macedonia.
13 June, Sunday at 21.00 CET: Netherlands - Ukraine.

After lots of troubles with the hospitality issue and the determination to be held this year, the oldest team international competition finally gets a green light with its edition number 47. Out of the original 12 teams, all 10 from the South American region are going to participate divided in two groups (calling it South and North zone). Two schedule revisions had to be done, so the third (and last one) is revealing that each countries will compete at 4 cities, playing their duels on 5 stadia in the most exciting Copa America event at Brazil with the slogan Vibra el continente (Rocking the continent).

13 June, Sunday at 23.00 CET: Brazil - Venezuela.


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