01 June 2021

Tournament with a new destination, while other two awaits decision

In a space of five days three competitions has been shifted (where two are playing on the same continent, plus one who is on the other side of the world) and are going to have a new hospitality country.
The only club event that features here comes from Asia. Groups H and I (of the Asean zone) from the AFC Cup will have to be played at a newly destination, because on 27 May Singapore has withdrawn welcoming the eight clubs on its soil. Duels had to be played from 29 June until 06 July, and as far as nowadays no host has been appointed.
And today were revealed two news concerning qualifying, together with an official event on a team level. Staying at the same region, People's Republic of China has suspended group A elimination games for the World Cup 2022 and Asian Cup 2023 that was supposed to be staged in its country. Yesterday was played only one duel from this group, while all the others had to continue from 03 out of 15 June. Media is guessing that United Arab Emirates may take over the hospitality rights, but this has been not yet confirmed by the organization (who wants to retain the ending date for qualification of this second round).
However, one thing that is definitely verified (and probably this will be the last) that the South American championship is going to be staged completely whole in Brazil. The Copa America 2020 (2021) saga began when two countries were already changed (originally Colombia and Argentina), thus third time must be lucky. But organizers now have to come out with a new schedule (logo, stadia, cities, kick-off times) and do it all over again just 13 days before the competition commences.
For all of the above nations the major reason of why was cancelled the kind welcoming is the current pandemic situation at the two confederations (except Colombia where political protests were the cause).


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