28 June 2021

Playing the same elimination phase

As the title is saying from next weekend, the two continental championships that are currently playing in the world will meet with the identical stage for the first time concerning the knockouts.

For the European competition the elimination matches of last 16 stage are over with the first part, while the second one is starting in the following two nights. The second knockout phase will start towards beginning of next weekend, and the complete schedule is yet to be familiar. Eight pairs are going to appear for the last time with two kickoffs, because from semi-final (knockout number three) there will be only one.

Last four duels from round of 16:
28 June, Monday at 18.00 CET: Croatia - Spain.
28 June, Monday at 21.00 CET: France - Switzerland.

29 June, Tuesday at 18.00 CET: England - Germany.
29 June, Tuesday at 21.00 CET: Sweden - Ukraine.

02 July, Friday at 18.00 CET: France or Switzerland - Croatia or Spain.
02 July, Friday at 21.00 CET: Belgium - Italy.

03 July, Saturday at 18.00 CET: Czech Republic - Denmark.
03 July, Saturday at 21.00 CET: Sweden or Ukraine - England or Germany.

An entire schedule is not familiar to the Copa America tournament as well, so only four teams are missing to get to know all games from elimination round number one. Slowly the two starting times that we know of will be abandoned, thus new ones are going to be introduced.

Last two games from group phase:
29 June, Tuesday at 02.00 CET: Bolivia - Argentina.
29 June, Tuesday at 02.00 CET: Uruguay - Paraguay.

02 July, Friday at 23.00 CET: Peru - third team from group A.

03 July, Saturday at 02.00 CET: Brazil - fourth team from group A.

04 July, Sunday at 00.00 CET: second team from group A - Colombia.
04 July, Sunday at 03.00 CET: winner of group A - Ecuador.


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