14 June 2021

Region that will round up World Cup qualifiers for this month

It has been an exciting 17 days and night of World Cup qualifying games. But, as always, everything has to end, thus North, Central America and Caribbean continent are going to close with its plays for this month.
Six teams are left competing onto the second qualifying round, however there will be space for only half of them for the third and last one. Practically, according to the achieved results from leg one, two pairs have already been decided, but certainly the chasing teams are not going to give up easily and will make a fierce battle just to enter into the octagon event that is going to commence this fall (September).

17 June, Thursday at 02.00 CET: Curacao - Panama.
17 June, Thursday at 03.05 CET: Canada - Haiti.
17 June, Thursday at 03.05 CET: El Salvador - Saint Kitts and Nevis.


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