11 June 2021

Lowered prize fund

At Friday night the most awaited European championship is beginning, and five days ago the organizer of the event has done a little bit of revision in terms of financial rewards.
The European football organization has decided that the overall budget of the whole tournament will cost 40 million euros less or in other words, from the originally planned 371 it was shortened to 331 million euros. From 11 June every three points can bring teams 1 million (instead of 1.5 million euros), and out of 750.000 the stalemate now carries 500.000 euros.
Knockout phases are affected as well, thus from the first one (round of 16) of planned 2 million the qualified teams are going to collect 1.5 million euros. Quarter finalists will gather 2.5 million euros out of the original 3.25. The number of 5 million euros does not exist anymore for the semifinalists who now will obtain 4 million. Losing team at the final duel is now guaranteed to receive 5 million out of first planned 7 million euros, and the trophy-lifting winner instead of 10 is going to acquire 8 million euros.
Participation fee is the only thing who remains unchanged in this list because each entrant is already welcomed with 9.25 million boosting money.


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