03 June 2021

Footballers who will leave trace on two holiday events

As we know, this month are going to be staged two continental championships and one final tournament. Those players who are going to show up on the pitch (not all) have been registered, thus from last week 716 of them are known for two competitions.
On 25 May 92 players was available for the North, Central American and Caribbean version of Nations league. Four teams were left to play the finals, so each of the managers was obliged to give 23 names.
Yesterday it was the deadline when the 24 coaches had to release their 26 stars that will appear on the European championship. But out of this number three less are going to be written on the official report.
How the above 28 teams are going to look and which players will take part in both events, you can check or even download the files at the websites of each confederation.


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