19 June 2022

Just another 'normal' results

Shivulani dangerous tigers - Kotoko happy boys 33:1 and Nsami mighty birds - Matiyasi 1:59. These are not handball nor basketball results, but very strangely scores that were accomplished in football.
After the abnormal numbers, last Thursday the above four clubs are banned for life from this sport that were competing at the SAfa Mopani region which is equivalent to fourth footballing division in South Africa. The victory teams were fighting for the leadership position at the table. Besides the clubs, referees were also punished (that issued plenty of red cards for one club so that the other could easily give more goals) who cannot officiate in the next five years. Looks like that all participants had been too subtle for everyone of us to take this for granted.
It would not be required special skills and not to realize that the results from the two duels are a complete scam where only in the second game players of the home side have rolled the ball 41 times into its own net (nor even amateurs would do this).


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